LMI Advertising / Solutions for Moving Brands
LMI Advertising / Solutions for Moving Brands
About our agency


~ Gary J. Bellanca, Founder

When we decided to create a new web presence for our corporate umbrella, we sought out a partner who was local, understood our objectives, and was able to execute in a timely manner.

"Our search led us to LMI Advertising. Their responsiveness, knowledge of our brand, use of technology, and access to their agency principle was the perfect fit. Their deep understanding of what we were trying to accomplish, produced a modern, dynamic website that works across many platforms and is easily adaptable."

Larry Guengerich, Director of Communications and Church Relations
Landis Communities


Gary J. Bellanca grew up in Long Island, NY. As the oldest of four he willingly became both role model and mentor to his younger siblings. His desire to be a leader and have an impact on companies drove him into a successful career in business development/sales and marketing with a Fortune 1000 company. Knowing he wanted to take his leadership skills to the next level, Gary took the leap and formed his own marketing consulting agency.

In 1988, he launched Lancaster Marketing Innovations, Inc., now known as LMI Advertising.

Gary spent nearly two decades spearheading business-to-business marketing programs with emphasis on strategic and tactical planning, while overseeing the direction of his firm.

He thrived in a fast paced environment and used his endurance from running marathons (completing 7 marathons, and numerous half marathons and smaller races) to help clients reach their goals.

In 2007 Gary was diagnosed with early on-set dementia and remains at home under the loving care of his wife. His passion and dedication to provide solid creative, business solutions for clients continues as the mission of LMI.

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We are storytellers, brand guardians, reliable and professional partners, who help to solve client's problems over the long term.

We listen. We plan. We create. We strive to tell the brand story of our clients the way it should be.

We are an integrated marketing communications agency that moves brands forward with strategic planning and practical solutions. We help clients achieve their marketing goals and communications objectives by providing strong marketing concepts and exceptional customer service in a responsive manner.

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For more than a quarter century, LMI Advertising has moved brands forward. We listen. We plan. We create. We understand the importance of first impressions – which is why we get it right the first time.

During the discovery process, we ask questions to learn how you sell to your customers, gain an intimate understanding of your brand and organization, your target audience and where to find them, your competitive advantage as well as obstacles and challenges. This leads to the creation and execution of thoughtful and highly-personalized marketing plans that delivers results … every time.

Many agencies claim to be an extension of the brands they support. This cannot take place within a large agency that juggles hundreds of clients. LMI believes in the power of small and how it truly can become one with the brands it serves. Best of all, our lack of extensive overhead allows us to maintain reasonable rates while providing intimate service and powerful results.

Ready to get your brand moving? Contact LMI today.

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