LMI Advertising / Solutions for Moving Brands

Katherman Briggs & Greenberg
case study

Katherman Briggs & Greenberg, LLP — York, Pennsylvania


In the sea of legal representation in the Central Pennsylvania market, this Personal Injury and Workers' Comp firm sought assistance to charter a new course to re-introduce and communicate its genuine caring and personal side to the public.


Together LMI and KBG outlined the practices attributes. Working against the stereotypical norm, LMI developed a mantra in which they already believed but never communicated. The tagline "We take your injury as personally as you do" truly conveys the sentiment of the entire firm. Creating impactful visuals and story lines, loosely-based on past cases, help to engage the public in the outdoor and television campaign, and website. The consistency of the message is supported on the various mediums. Execution on the television campaign takes on a fresh approach to story-telling. Its illustrative look transitioning into a full-color film scene sets KBG apart from its competition and reinforces their commitment to successful outcomes.