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Design Matters

good design is good business

“Good design is good business.”
-Thomas Watson, Jr.

Importance of Design and Branding
Design and brand go together. They are interconnected. Branding is more than a name or logo but more about the overall impression, feeling, and perception customers have of you. It allows you to showcase your competitive advantage to your customers, talent, and partnerships. Smart design communicates your business’ message, translates it and gives it feelings to generate an emotional response. When design is done correctly, it accurately portrays the organization, supports its strategic plan, promotes initiatives and helps the organization move forward.

Create an Experience
Design is not an afterthought. Smart design helps to manage the experience and defines the perception of quality and values. Design influences how you feel, if you will continue to engage, and buy.

This also means carrying the experience across all communication and marketing vehicles including your website.

Why Design Matters on Websites
According to research from Missouri University of Science and Technology, a person's eyes take just 2.6 seconds to focus on a specific element of a website when it loads. The viewer immediately forms an opinion based on what has been displayed so it’s beneficial to serve up a design that makes an impact and creates the customer experience you intended. And, the details make the difference from the fonts, color palette, functionality, responsiveness (mobile, tablet, and desktop) spacing, and consistency. If your site is outdated, cluttered, or too simple, it may project the wrong impression of your organization. Keep in mind that bad designs are noticed more than good.

Design also helps to support the compelling reasons to buy from you. Your site may be the primary vessel to make the first impression by a potential customer. Make it a memorable one. Leveraging your brand onto your website is the perfect start, it creates consistency and harmony. Good design can also help to achieve your goals, increase sales, and set you apart from the rest.

Be Responsive
Technology has changed the experience of how we can interact with companies. Smart web design also means being responsive for mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.

be responsive for mobile, tablet, and desktop devices
According to Statista, ninety one percent of adults keep their smartphones perpetually within arm’s reach. Nine out of ten mobile searches lead to action, and more than half lead to sales. And, more than 5 billion people will use mobile phones by 2017.

If you’re contemplating a rebrand or tackling a website re-design, ask yourself a few questions:

  • What does your design say about your business?
  • Does it accurately portray your brand and business characteristics?
  • What experience are you providing your customers?
  • Is your current site responsive?

We welcome the opportunity to meet and evaluate your brand. Talk with us, we can help. For a free, no obligation meeting, contact Tina Bellanca at 717-569-8826 x 29 or at tbellanca@lmiadvertising.com.

Posted on 16 Jun 2016 by LMI
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