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What’s in a Name? How About What’s in a Slogan?

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With the presidential election drawing near, we thought we’d take a look at campaign slogans (comparable to a business tagline) and their impact on the American voter.

Throughout the years, the most noteworthy slogans are those that deliver on three major points.

Being Memorable — One of the first presidential slogans was William Henry Harrison’s “Tippecanoe and Tyler Too,” which helped launch the popularity of the Whig party and win Harrison the election. One of the more memorable modern slogans was Barak Obama’s “Yes We Can!” Having a slogan that is catchy and unforgettable is critical to driving brand recognition.

Delivering on a Promise — While a memorable slogan is important, having one that delivers on a promise is equally essential when developing a presidential brand. Herbert Hoover’s 1928 campaign slogan, “A Chicken in Every Pot and a Car in Every Garage,” came during a time of high prosperity and tied into the hope of achieving the American dream for many immigrants.  

Consistency — Finally, it is important to keep the slogan constant throughout the duration of the campaign. Many presidential contenders have fallen into the trap of changing slogans numerous times before Election Day. This rings true with the current election. While Hilary Clinton has changed her slogan upwards of a half dozen times Donald Trump’s slogan has remained consistent throughout the campaign.

Which one do you remember?


1840 William Henry Harrison — Tippecanoe and Tyler Too
1844 James K. Polk — 54-40 or Fight
1844 James K. Polk — Reannexation of Texas and Reoccupation of Oregon
1844 Henry Clay — Who is James K. Polk?
1848 Zachary Taylor —  Zachary Taylor For President of the People
1856 John C. Fremont — Free Soil, Free Labor, Free Speech, Free Men, and Fremont
1860 Abraham Lincoln — Vote Yourself a Farm
1864 Abraham Lincoln — Don't Swap Horses in the Middle of the Stream
1884 Grover Cleveland — Blaine, Blaine, James G. Blaine, The Continental Liar from the State of Maine
1884 James Blaine — Ma, Ma, Where’s my Pa, Gone to the White House, Ha, Ha, Ha
1888 Benjamin Harrison — Rejuvenated Republicanism
1896 William McKinley — Patriotism, Protection, and Prosperity
1896 William McKinley — Good Money Never Made Times Hard
1900 William McKinley — A Full Dinner Pail
1916 Woodrow Wilson — He Kept Us Out Of War
1920 Warren G. Harding —  Return to Normalcy
1920 Warren G. Harding  — Cox and Cocktails 
1924 Calvin Coolidge — Keep Cool With Coolidge
1928 Herbert Hoover — A Chicken in Every Pot and a Car in Every Garage
1952 Dwight Eisenhower — I Like Ike
1956 Dwight Eisenhower — Peace and Prosperity
1960 Richard Nixon — For the Future
1964 Lyndon B. Johnson — The Stakes are too High for You to Stay at Home
1964 Barry Goldwater  — In your Heart you Know he’s Right 
1968 Richard Nixon — Nixon's the One
1976 Gerald Ford — He’s Making us Proud Again
1976 Jimmy Carter  — Not Just Peanuts 
1976 Jimmy Carter — A Leader, For a Change
1980 Ronald Reagan — Are you better off than you were four years ago?
1984 Ronald Reagan — It’s Morning Again in America
1984 Walter Mondale — America Needs a Change
1988 George Bush — Kinder, Gentler Nation
1992 Bill Clinton — Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow
1992 Bill Clinton — Putting People First
1992 Ross Perot — Ross for Boss
1996 Bill Clinton  — Building a Bridge to the 21st Century 
1996 Bob Dole — The Better Man for a Better America
2000 Al Gore — Prosperity and Progress
2000 Al Gore — Prosperity for America's Families
2000 George W. Bush — Compassionate Conservatism
2000 George W. Bush — Leave no Child Behind
2000 George W. Bush — Real Plans for Real People
2000 George W. Bush — Reformer With Results
2000 Ralph Nader — Government Of, By, and For the People...Not the Monied Interests
2004 John Kerry — Let America be America Again
2004 George W. Bush  — Yes, America Can! 
2008 John McCain — Country First
2008 Barack Obama — Change We Can Believe In
2008 Barack Obama — Change We Need
2008 Barack Obama — Hope
2008 Barack Obama — Yes We Can!
2012 Barack Obama — Forward 
2012 Mitt Romney — Believe in America
2016 Donald Trump — Make America Great Again
2016 Hillary Clinton — I'm With Her
2016 Hillary Clinton — Stronger Together

Posted on 25 Oct 2016 by LMI
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